Outdoor Adventures for ViP(ups)!

Want to add some outdoor time to your dog's daycare experience? We've got you covered!

We're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

As a member of Furball Fitness, you and your dog can enjoy all that our neighborhood has to offer by adding an Outdoor Adventure* onto your dog's daycare reservation.

* Outdoor Adventures are run in conjunction with daycare. Your dog must be a member at Furball Fitness to be eligible.

Your Outdoor Adventure includes:

-- 30-minute walk to Bixby Park or Junipero Beach.

-- One-on-one time with your walker.

-- 30-minute Nap & Snack upon return (Kong included).

-- 1 total hour of VIPup time!

This is the perfect daycare/walk/rest combo for your dog. They'll be a happy camper by the end of their day!

Here's what you (but mostly your dog) get(s):

  • ON-leash Outdoor Adventures
    Spoil your dog with an off-campus, outdoor adventure! Your dog will spend 30 minutes stretching their legs at the local park and/or beach, both within a 5-minute walk from Dog Camp.

  • Semi-private Groups
    Featuring only TWO (2) dogs per group, your pup will receive individualized attention while out with Furball. Safety is our top priority, so small groups allow our walkers to monitor and wrangle dogs dependably. 

  • Nap & Snack Included
    Upon return from their walk, your dog will be given a Kong and a private rest area to decompress. After this balanced break from the excitement of daycare, they will resume group play to complete their day.

How It Works:

  • Schedule Pup-Evaluation
    Meet your dog's future caretaker at Furball Fitness Long Beach while learning about our services. Share about your dog - personality, quirks, tendencies. Finally, complete the intake process and schedule your Trial Day.

  • Pup's 1st Adventure!
    Once your dog has passed their evaluation, you are now eligible for the Outdoor Adventure add-on.

  • Report Cards
    Receive daily updates with photo/video via text/email so you can see what funny shenanigans your pup is up to while at Camp. 

  • Happy Dog!
    Upon return, you'll have a content and relaxed doggo. You can go about the rest of your day knowing that your pup has been taken care of.



Select the date and time that works best for you. During this call, you will meet your dog’s caretaker, learn more about Furball Fitness, complete a behavioral assessment, and figure out if we're a good fit for one another.

Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare

(510) 545-2546 | (562) 544-1152

1243 E 12th Street Oakland, CA 94606
1711 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802

Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare

(510) 545-2546 | (562) 544-1152

1239 E 12th Street Oakland, CA 94606
1711 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday. 630am - 7pm

Saturday. 10am - 3pm. By reservation only!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

630am - 7pm