Are you that friend who enters a room, foregoes conversation, and heads for the dog instead? Have you been told that you’re a dog incarnate; that you have a way with animals? Or are you simply seeking a change of pace after working in an office setting year after year?

Furball Fitness could be your new landing spot! We are seeking motivated, reliable, communicative, friendly, and compassionate dog lovers to assist in daycare operations.

Position: Dog Daycare Attendant

Hours: Part-time - 25-30 hours per week

Wages: $18 per hour

Employee Benefits: 401k eligibility (after 6 months of employment). 401k employer matching. Retirement plan. Paid sick time off. Employee discount. Professional development assistance. Flexible schedule.


Pack Leader

Must feel comfortable handling several dogs at once. You will be overseeing playtime at daycare, so it is important to be in tune with dog communication and body language, while also being able to adjust your energy accordingly. Ideally, seeking someone who can observe, anticipate, and be proactive in dissipating heightened dog energies when necessary, through redirection with attention, affection, toys, etc.

Reliable and Punctual

Must be on time every single day. Clients rely on us to watch their dogs while they are at work or doing other things. Because you will be assisting in dog intake, timeliness is very important. You are the welcome wagon! Please have reliable transportation or leave early enough on public transport so this will not be an issue.


Outgoing folks please apply! You will be interacting with clients daily, as they drop off and pick up dogs. Be friendly and welcoming. Ask how they’re doing. Share funny moments from the day. Make them happy with genuine caring and customer service.

Cleaning and Poop Patrol

This position includes maintenance of the warehouse. Do NOT apply if you are not able and willing to regularly clean. In other words, you’ll be a professional pooper scooper! Most of the dogs are trained to do their business outside, but of course, we have accidents every now and then. Duties include poop clean-up, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and any other duties needed to maintain facility cleanliness.

Be Proactive

Treat this place as if it were your own. If the interior is a little bit in disarray, tidy up. If the dogs are too rambunctious, create separation until they calm down. You’ll have a lot of autonomy over how your day goes. Use the time to be productive in keeping this place looking and operating beautifully.

Tech Savvy

Tech is a part of this job. Gingr, our client tracking system, is all run online. You will be checking dogs in and out daily. Photography is also a part of this job! You will document each dog’s daily activities and send at least one photo or video to each client throughout the day. These same images can/will be shared via Instagram/Facebook. See @furballfitness on Instagram for photos, or search for Furball Fitness on Facebook for more examples.

Consistency Over Time

Temporary/gig workers need not apply. Dog care is a relationship-based business. Clients need to trust that they’re leaving their babies in good hands. It is important for everyone to have consistency, routine, and structure, so a revolving door of new caretakers is not ideal. Furball Fitness is a growing brand, and you will grow with the company, with expanding responsibilities. We want you to stick around long-term!

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