Adventure Hikes for ViP(ups)!


Daycare not your dog’s scene? We totally get it!

Some daycare environments can be very busy - not the best fit for our more introverted personalities who thrive in a smaller group setting.

Maybe your dog is more the outdoorsy type who does better in wide open spaces versus an enclosed daycare.

Or maybe your dog just isn’t the playful type. I know my dog would much rather be out in the field chasing tennis balls versus playing one-on-one with another dog. 

Does this sound at all like your fur-baby? If so, Furball Fitness’ Adventure Hikes for VIP(ups) are for you and your dog!

Here's what you (but mostly your dog) get(s):

  • OFF-leash Adventure Hikes
    Unlike other dog walking services, we specialize in OFF-leash adventures. This is not your typical potty break with a stroll around the block. Your dog will spend 60 minutes running to their heart’s content at local beaches, wooded trails, and parks. Your dog will get FAR more exercise (and have MUCH more fun) running untethered versus a slower-paced, leashed walk.

    All dogs MUST have proficient recall (can walk OFF-leash without incident; stays close to the pack leader; responds consistently to commands; interacts well with others).

  • Semi-private Groups
    Featuring only FOUR (4) dogs per group, your pup will receive individualized attention while out with Furball. Safety is our top priority, so small groups allow our walkers to monitor and wrangle dogs dependably. 

  • Flexible Schedules
    Schedule adventures for your dog with a trained, insured, and bonded walker in your neighborhood. You have access to all of the walkers in our rolodex and can choose based on schedule/availability and location. Stick with a specific walker consistently OR try new walkers as you see fit. Dog care is a relationship-based business; we encourage you to set a consistent schedule so you can develop a good rapport of trust between you and your walker. BUT if some sort of scheduling conflict arises, you’ll have reputable backup options. 

  • Lasting Friendships
    Experienced staff who develop a personal relationship with you and your dog. No revolving door of walkers. We’ll build trust. You’ll know your dog’s caretaker well.

Packages & Rates

You choose your combination of days.

To ensure consistency and routine within our groups, we ask that all clients commit to at least 1 half day per week (minimum package).

Hikes include pick-up at home, transport to walk location, 60-minute adventure, and safe return afterward.

How It Works:

  • Schedule Virtual Meet & Greet (Zoom call)
    Meet your walker. Share about your dog - personality, quirks, tendencies. Gather walk details - timing, location, transport. Coordinate schedules. Plan for key exchange. Introduce client dashboard.

  • Pup's 1st Adventure!
    Walker meets you at your home for intro and pick-up. First walk is a solo walk to evaluate whether we're a good fit. Off we go in the dog mobile!

  • Report Cards
    Receive daily updates with photo/video via text/email so you can see what funny shenanigans your pup is up to while out on their adventure. 

  • Happy Dog!
    Upon return, you'll have a relaxed and content doggo. You can go about the rest of your day knowing that your pup has been taken care of.

  • Join the Pack
    Select the number of days per week you'd like your dog to hike with us, and we'll get started!


Start here:

Select the date and time that works best for you. During this virtual ZOOM visit, you can meet your dog’s caretaker and learn more about Furball Fitness' Adventure Hikes.

OR use the calendar below!

Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare

(510) 545-2546 | (562) 544-1152

1243 E 12th Street Oakland, CA 94606
1711 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802

Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare

(510) 545-2546 | (562) 544-1152

1239 E 12th Street Oakland, CA 94606
1711 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday. 630am - 7pm

Saturday. 10am - 3pm. By reservation only!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

630am - 7pm